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  • Philipp Derksen

Global market leader Essentra Components uses image search from Vviinn

Updated: Feb 8

Berlin November 15, 2022

Made possible by the visual relevance engine Vviinn, business customers of Essentra Components can now search and order over 45,000 products online using images and technical drawings. The world's leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial components ( has started to use the Berlin-based company's AI software in its online catalog.

Essentra Components is the global market leader in the manufacture and distribution of industrial components for a wide range of industries and applications. With its large number of standard parts, the British company maintains one of the most diverse product portfolios for industrial companies worldwide. The range includes, among others, electrical and metal accessories, caps, plugs, handles and fittings. Engineers are the target group for the Essentra Components image search as Essentra's components are used in machines and technical applications across almost all industries.

Finding the product you are looking for quickly and reliably

The visual relevance engine Vviinn makes it much easier for customers to find the right product quickly and easily within the wide range of Essentra Components. Images can be uploaded to a search mask in the e-catalog. The software, which is based on artificial intelligence, analyzes more than 1,000 features of an image in just a few milliseconds and reliably finds the exact product or a very similar one. Searching with a technical CAD drawing is also possible. Vviinn recognizes the type of item and assigns it to the semantically appropriate product area.

In contrast, text-based searches quickly reach their limits in the highly specialized and diverse product range of Essentra Components - especially if customers don't know the exact name of an item.

Product images are a successful resource in digital commerce

Dr. Marc Schacherer, General Manager at Essentra Components GmbH: "We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the right product. Given the diversity and high degree of specialization of our portfolio, this has often been a challenge. Vviinn helps us make the product search much easier and more intuitive for our customers."

Philipp Derksen, Founder and Product Owner Vviinn: "Product images are a powerful resource for e-commerce, and yet, they are hardly used the right way. With Vviinn, online stores can finally use the information contained in their product images. We support Essentra Components and its customers in finding relevant products more quickly. From our many years of experience, we can safely say: speed is the most important factor for digital conversion."

About Vviinn:

Vviinn is the visual relevance engine for digital commerce. Based on a specially developed process for sematic image analysis, the AI software enables intuitive product searches in online stores in a completely new form. Vviinn analyzes product images with regards to more than 1,000 features in less than 100 milliseconds and suggests the most relevant products. The Vviinn component can be integrated into any frontend and does not require tracking of user behavior. Vviinn is a product of the Berlin e-commerce experts at Mediaopt GmbH. Mediaopt was founded in 2009 and has been researching how AI can make digital commerce easier and faster since 2018.


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