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  • Philipp Derksen

Image search improves product recommendations

Visual Search technology not only improves product search hits, it is also of significant use in the area of recommendations. Unnoticed by the user, the software works as an AI component in the background. When you click on a product image, the software analyzes more than 1,000 features in just a few milliseconds - and suggests stylistically similar products. A customer looking for a certain type of handbag receives suggestions that are similar in style and shape to the model in the photo she clicked on.

These suggestions correspond much more precisely to the image that the customer has in her mind while searching for the product. Her impulse to purchase is supported, her purchase decision accelerated.

As several test that we conducted with an online shop show, the use of an image search AI like vvinn leads to better results and more sales: The conversion rate of product recommendations based on visual search increases by two and a half times. Visual recommendations were used three times as often as behavior-based product suggestions.

The use of AI-based solutions for visual search and visual recommendations is worth it, not only for large shops, but also for small and medium-sized retailers who may benefit greatly from it.


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