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Activate the power of product images

The power of Vviinn's Visual Relevance Machine is to pool and utilize the wealth of information from product images, structuring and complementing your existing product information. Vviinn's product recommendation system goes far beyond textual features delivering exactly what your users seek based on their individual preferences.

Shopping advice with an expert's eye

Successful salespeople pay close attention to the needs and tastes of their customers. Those who know their products in all their subtleties and follow their customers' behavior attentively can provide the best support in selecting products. Vviinn embraces this approach to products based on visual characteristics and instant recommendations.

Complete the look

In spite of an almost infinite number of products, Vviinn is able to recognize material, color and structure, as well as possible product combinations. This way, you can offer your customers entire shopping worlds based on a particular style or color. Vvviinn's image understanding replaces the editorial effort in product presentation.

Data expertise and automation

Vvinn's AI-developed system is able to minimize manual configuration because it understands product data. One click is enough to optimize prices in product recommendations. Instead of having to configure whole sets of complex rules for a variety of data and exceptions, Vviinn supercharges your shop through smart product and customer understanding.

Visual Curated Page

More relevant product recommendations for better conversions

A product search that can precisely identify a customer's interests is the best immediate shopping accelerator and driver for customer loyalty down the road.

Instead of searching through disparate and incomplete text data or laboriously selecting filters, Vviinn's Visual Relevance Machine recognizes the customer's current preferences and provides an overview as quickly as possible, expediting a purchase decision.


Stay ahead of the competition by more effectively guiding users to relevant products >>


Identify user preferences without tracking personal data >>


Boost purchase decisions and get more out of your marketing budget >>


Increase relevance even with incomplete product data: less effort and faster time-to-market >>

Let your product images do the work for you

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