Visual product search

So your clients find what their intuition tells them

A product search that meets the current interest of the customer is the best purchase accelerator and ensures lasting customer loyalty.


​Instead of searching in rudimentary text data or laboriously selecting filters, vviinn takes a close look at the customers’ current preferences and helps them to get an overview for a quick purchase decision.

Your data belongs to you

Online shoppers are for the most part annoyed by cookie layers. Google and Apple clearly trend to a future without third-party cookies. Today already, the visual intelligence of vviinn makes it possible to operate completely without cookies and still accurately and quickly recognize the preferences of your customers.   


Choose vviinn's recommendations for a legally compliant solution made in Germany.

Image search for products

Vviinn gets rid of tedious text entries and filtering processes, allowing users to make a search query visually and save a tremendous amount of time. Upload an image from your gallery directly or add a social media link. Instead of scrolling through dozens of product pages, vviinn's visual search finds the products you want directly.

Quick and precise results

The visual search is not only quick when entering the search query. With the vviinn API search results are delivered in less than 100 msec, making the whole process significantly faster and more precise than conventional text search.

Mark and filter products

Customers can automatically mark and directly select individual products, for example a single cantilever chair on the right edge of a seating group or a handbag from a complete fashion outfit. In addition, customers can prioritize any image sections around any details in the search. Such visual operation promotes a positive shopping experience.

Best Practices

Visual search by vviinn also enables a detailed readjustment of the results. Depending on the requirements, the intelligent system re-filters the products in terms of price, color and gender.

The Out of the Box Solution

Web widget + standard data import  

<script> vviinn recommendation</sript> + CSV or XML as for Google Shopping


Develop your own application for a distinctive shopping experience with our GraphQL API.

Integration options

Retailer backend

In our retailer backend you can check the status of your product data and campaigns and try new functions before you release them in your online shop.

In the panel you can create test and development systems in addition to the product environments for a professional working approach

A must have for many industries

Say goodbye to time-consuming configurations that go nowhere with its heterogeneous and limited product data. vviinn's product understanding instantly creates meaningful recommendations and search results across industries. Try directly or contact us for a free demo with your product data

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This showcase shows an example of the end-to-end user experience with the vviinn visual search widget

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