Traditional navigation based on text
Visual orientation

Visual orientation overtakes slow text navigation

Classic text navigation forces the user to make too many abstract decisions before engaging emotionally with the products. With visual intelligence, vviinn enables a new shopping experience that leads the customer directly to the product. Starting from an image, customers can intuitively experience the products without rigid menu navigation or complex filter selection. Moreover, visual intelligence has a keen eye for style and taste.

Image search for products

Visual inspiration as a source for product search. Take or upload a photo of the outfit or design that inspired you. Embark on a visual customer journey to quickly find the right products. Our AI solution overcomes tedious text navigation and makes your shopping trip easier.

Visual product recommendation

Better customer loyalty through relevant recommendations. Visual product recommendations increase the click-through rate in your online shop, boosting customer engagement. Based on the item images, stylistically relevant products are recommended, which significantly increases the chance of a direct conversion.

Intuitive shopping experience. Out-of-the-box

Your data belongs to you

Online shoppers are for the most part annoyed by cookie layers. Google and Apple clearly trend to a future without third-party cookies. Today already, the visual intelligence of vviinn makes it possible to operate completely without cookies and still accurately and quickly recognize the preferences of your customers.   

Choose vviinn's search and recommendations for a legally compliant solution.

An image of a product is worth a thousand words

A product description contains significantly less information than the level of detail of a single product image. In addition, people are much slower to process textual information than visual stimuli. Visual search and recommendations in the online shop are therefore key to a fast and effective shopping experience.

Press about us

Thorsten Wiechens

Performance Marketing Specialist

Siemes Schuhcenter

With the help of the visual product recommendations from vviinn, we were able to measurably increase the conversion rate. The proportion of products purchased through recommendations in our shop has increased by 3.6 times - our customers benefit directly from the more relevant recommendations.

Oliver Hohmeier

Multi-Channel / E-Commerce Manager


We switched to visual product recommendations from vviinn and are positively surprised by the leap in quality and the ease of integration. Our customers get an inspirational guide and we are happy to have found a strategic and innovative business partner in vviinn.

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vviinn creates an intuitive shopping experience, leading to quick orientation and visual inspiration in online shopping.