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Our mission

We believe in the power of product images. With Vviinn, we enable you to unleash their potential for digital commerce, making it quick and easy for everyone to see relevant products.

Many nations, one language

We come from many different parts of the world. What unites us is our belief in the power of product images and the benefits of e-commerce. Creatively-minded and technology-driven, we research, develop and sell commerce solutions for the Internet of tomorrow.

Founded in Berlin

At the core of the Visual Relevance Machine is an AI with best-in-class image recognition that continues to improve through millions of impressions. We are an international team and steadily developing the software. All assets are run in the global cloud, while your data is hosted legally compliant with DSGVO / GDPR.

Our focus: Customer Centricity and Customer Satisfaction

With visual AI we create a world where online shopping is fast and easy; here businesses know their products and understand their customers’ wishes better than ever before.

Furniture, furnishing, home accessories are our business

Our origins are in the furniture industry, defined by data maintenance complexities. See for yourself how our AI seamlessly navigates between tea lights and cupboard walls, offering key advantages over comparable software solutions.


Stay ahead of the competition by more effectively guiding users to relevant products >>


Identify user preferences without tracking personal data >>


Boost purchase decisions and get more out of your marketing budget >>


Increase relevance even with incomplete product data: less effort and faster time-to-market >>

Let your product images do the work for you

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