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Achieve maximum results — even with incomplete item data

With Vviinn, you don't need perfect item data. Save up to five work days per 1,000 products preparing data for your product pages. Automate your success through higher conversions with Vviinn

It's all a question of relevance


Less manual effort


 less workdays



Delight your users with a shortcut to relevant products

Utilize the depth of information your images provide

With just one article image, Vviinn's Visual Relevance Machine optimally displays your product. No need to fill out article attributes or create complex rule chains; your new products immediately appear, without delay.

Automated maintenance means better filtering

Products that cannot be clearly named, lack attributes, or do not have applicable criteria are incompatible with classic text filters. This means they are found only with difficulty or not at all. Vvinn's AI can generate and assign missing information based on more than 100 visual characteristics in milliseconds. The result: an intuitive shopping experience requiring no maintenance effort.

Create relevant campaigns without any maintenance effort

Define stylish signature products, and our Visual Relevance Machine identifies matching products from your assortment to enhance your campaign – without any manual effort.


Stay ahead of the competition by more effectively guiding users to relevant products >>


Identify user preferences without tracking personal data >>


Boost purchase decisions and get more out of your marketing budget >>

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