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Optimize your conversion rate & inventory turnover ratio

While certain products generate much of your shop’s traffic, the bounce rates are far too high.


With image-based AI, you can prevent drawing users to irrelevant product landing pages and reduce your online marketing budget. Vviinn increases your product traffic conversion and inventory turnover ratio.

It's all a question of relevance


Higher conversion rate with product recommendations based on Visual Search


More viewed product suggestions through visual recommendations


Style-relevant features

per article

Wow your users with a shortcut for relevant products

Convert product placements more often

Product-oriented marketing channels such as search engine ads, Google Shopping and marketplaces absorb a large part of the marketing budget.

With Vviinn's relevant product recommendations, you keep visitors on your site by providing customers with a quick orientation for improved product choices.

Better understand your users

Every click on a Google Shopping Ad provides an immense amount of information about the user's style preferences.


Vviinn's Visual Relevance Machine detects searchers' preferences in milliseconds and so that you can show more products that match their preferences.

Gain a long tail advantage

Shops that are stuck in the bestseller bubble due to product recommendations are missing opportunities to differentiate themselves from the competition.


With image-based AI, retailers can activate long tail products without administrative effort. These are less interchangeable, more resistant to price pressure and thus more profitable.


Stay ahead of the competition by more effectively guiding users to relevant products >>


Identify user preferences without tracking personal data >>


Increase relevance even with incomplete product data: less effort and faster time-to-market >>

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