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Identify user preferences without storing personal data

Every click on an image or product reveals so much about the interest in your shop. Adjust your inventory visually to the user intent in real time without any cookies.


People’s readiness to provide or collect personal data will decrease. And today, Vviinn's AI already recognizes your customers' preferences in real time without cookies. This is how you create intuitive shopping experiences and increase average order values

It's all a question of relevance


Faster ROI through increased sales


More recommended products in the shopping cart


Higher engagement

through more intuitive online shopping

Know the intent of your users and personalize their shopping experience

In style through native personalization

Especially when products cannot be clearly named or filtered according to hard criteria, AI-supported image recognition has a clear advantage.


Quickly and efficiently, Vvinn's Visual Relevance Machine seamlessly guides users to products they find visually appealing.

Personalize without consent

Around 30% of shoppers reject cookies. With Vvinn, you're on the safe side providing the most personalized experience for everyone. It doesn't matter if you opt-in or not.


Vvinn's intelligent use of image data does not need cookies to recognize your visitors' preferences.  Better recommendations, higher conversions. Everyone wins. 

GDPR-compliant, made in Germany

Vviinn does not need any additional data from you or your customers. With the Visual Relevance Machine, all user data belongs to you, and and you can rest assured that you are GDPR-compliant.

Our Visual Relevance Machine is a software product made in Berlin. All the necessary assets are stored on European servers. And it will remain that way.


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