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Guide your users to the right product

With Visual Relevance, you offer your customers a shortcut to their desired product. This saves them time and energy and increases your conversion rate.

AI recognizes stylistic features many times faster and more accurately than others With Vviinn, online shops become style experts, providing an edge over the competition.

It's all a question of relevance


more product clicks


More recommended products in the shopping cart


Higher engagement

through more intuitive online shopping

Wow your users with a shortcut for relevant products

Found at first glance

Especially when products cannot be clearly named or filtered according to hard criteria, users yearn for more efficient solutions. Without any maintenance effort, Vvinn shows them what they find visually appealing.

An end to filter fatigue

The dilemma with today's filters is that they present customers with textual tasks before showing them suitable product images. What if products cannot be clearly named or filtered according to hard criteria? Total buzzkill. Vvinn offers smart solutions.

Intuitive input device

No one wants to type or struggle through long text navigation. Vviinn's AI enables customers to point their smartphone camera at any product and upload it to the shop. The corresponding or stylistically most similar product is automatically displayed.

Inspire users to discover

It's fun to browse and discover new products when the truly relevant ones can actually be found in a sea of items. With AI, your users stay longer on the product level because they can intuitively drift through your product offerings.


Identify user preferences without tracking personal data >>


Boost purchase decisions and get more out of your marketing budget >>


Increase relevance even with incomplete product data: less effort and faster time-to-market >>

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