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Optimize user orientation and conversions using Visual Relevance

To be successful in retail, it is no longer enough to know about and cater to trends. Instead, it is about convincing users through a wealth of knowledge and a keen sense of all details.

The knowledge of materials, colors, shapes and styles in combination with the knowledge of the preferences of your users offer a key competitive advantage. Leverage this data within milliseconds through visual AI to gain an edge over your competitors.

Seamless scalability

Vviinn's Visual Relevance Machine will kick your assortment into high gear starting at around 3,000 items. The more articles in your stores, the higher the margin of quality gain. Over one million products? Great, your assortment is about to get supercharged.

Visual Similar Products

Higher conversions on product pages >>

Visual Product Search

Find products quickly, even without product names >>

Visual Product Cross-Selling

Matching products from different categories

Visual Curated Page

Up-to-date style recommendations. Always.

Visual Product Filter

No more text metrics

Visual Product Navigation

Quick intuitive user orientation

Visual Product Data

Automate and refine product data


Relevant inspiration, faster navigation, higher conversion rate and efficiency through automation

Visual Relevance Machine

Get more out of your product images

Overcome the limitations of text-based product data. Vviinn transforms product images into automated streams of data, providing more inspiration, improved navigation and increased personalization to your shop visitors.

Oliver Hohmeier

Multi-Channel / E-Commerce Manager,

Einrichtungshaus Ostermann GmbH & Co.KG

We switched to visual product recommendations from Vviinn and are positively surprised by the leap in quality and the ease of integration.

Enter your Google Shopping data feed

Vviinn's Visual Relevance Machine analyses your product images

Customize the Vviinn widget to match your company's branding

Integrate Vviinn into your shop template with only a few lines of JavaScript

Go live in just four steps

Activate the power of your product images – quickly and effortlessly

Use the Vviinn API for individual integration


Stay ahead of the competition by more effectively guiding users to relevant products >>


Identify user preferences without tracking personal data >>


Boost purchase decisions and get more out of your marketing budget >>


Increase relevance even with incomplete product data: less effort and faster time-to-market >>

Let your product images do the work for you

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